Purposeful And Active

Life At Camella.

At Camella Living, we understand the value of maintaining connection with others, as well as staying engaged in activities that bring a feeling of purpose and belonging into day-to-day life. We believe activities that instill a sense of purpose help our residents look forward to each day. That is why we offer an active assisted living community in Copley, complete with an activity center and a variety of healthy programs for all of our residents.

Personalized Plans

Our assisted living activities in our Copley facility look a bit different than your typical daily activities program. We don’t have hour-to-hour activity schedules.

Instead, our activities program focuses on replacing the “menu mentality” of an activity center with a personalized activity plan based on the elements of daily living each resident is able to complete, and empowering each resident to carry on the roles and interests that resonate with them personally. We focus on fun events in our Copley facility, from music and art therapy to gardening, to ensure that every resident feels right at home.

Familiar Roles

Activities For Everyone.

Each resident in our active assisted living community in Copley is able to continue living out familiar roles, such as a cook, a musician, an artist, a preacher, an educator—whatever skills they are gifted with, whatever passions they hold dear, they are able to assume leadership roles within our community, with the safety of our supervision.

These roles serve as the bulk of their activities, with group socialization and entertainment activities scheduled daily as well to round out a fully enriched day. This way, residents complete each day with a sense of accomplishment and connection, not exhaustion.

Our goal is to not merely occupy, but rather to fully engage each resident in a more natural, family-style living experience, while highlighting the strengths of each resident and honoring their life experience. This is why we place such a big emphasis on our assisted living activities at our Copley senior home, and the benefits it brings to our senior community, keeping them active.


Personalized Schedules

We don’t use a hour by hour schedule for every resident. Our program focuses on providing personalized activity plans based on elements of the residents previous daily living.



Raised garden beds for the summer and personal grow towers for the winter.



Piano and guitar available for our musically inclined residents. Music will encompass large parts of activities and therapy.


So Much More!

Explore the rest of our site, or reach out to our team for an extensive list of what we can do for your loved ones. From art to music therapy, our Copley facility has fun events and activities for everyone.


The healthy, safety, and wellbeing of our residents at Camella is our top priority. We offer a wide range of activities and amenities to keep every resident satisfied.


Your loved ones will enjoy a convenient life while staying safe and comfortable. We provide nutritious meals and recreational amenities daily.

Understanding Memory Care

Nutritious meals and engaging activities are the best way to provide a safe, comfortable, and quality life.

Music Therapy

Music encompasses a large part of our daily activities and therapy, with piano and guitar available for our musically inclined residents. Nothing soothes and lifts spirits quite like music! Since we recognize the importance of staying connected to others, visits from close friends and family are always encouraged. If you would like to learn more about the programs we offer at the Camella active senior community in Copley for music and art therapy, please feel free to reach out to us!