Safe And Enjoyable

Life At Camella.

To promote safety and make life here at Camella Living more comfortable and enjoyable, we provide a variety of special activities and senior living home amenities for our Copley residents, like nature-inspired living, musical activities, CarePredict monitoring technology, in-house medical providers, a fully accessible hair salon and spa with walk-in tub, and so much more!

The safety of our residents is our number-one priority. Our retirement community is secured with fencing around the outdoor common areas, and each resident is provided a CarePredict wristband to alert caregivers when a resident falls or may be wandering off premises.

These wristbands are even equipped with technology that collects biometric data to alert of UTI risks and performs other important health monitoring.

Hydration Program


We have a stringent hydration program in place that takes every measure to ensure residents stay hydrated, with high water content snacks, hydration stations, “sip reminders,” and a variety of delicious, hydrating beverages.

CarePredict Technology


In addition to offering great food, a spa and a salon in Copley, Camella Living is proud to partner with CarePredict ensuring greater quality of care for our residents. CarePredict is a technologically advanced program that helps professional and family caregivers gain a deeper understanding and inside view by identifying changes in the behavior and health of a resident that can lead to illness, injury, or other medical issues. CarePredict helps to monitor food and water intake, sleeping patterns, movement, and even daily habits. It’s wearable technology that is unobtrusive, but vitally important.

CarePredict uses best-in-class technology to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. It helps to track location, falls, and more to help you understand where your loved one is and if they are safe. If you are worried or want to check in, there is even a touch-to-talk option where you can get their attention quickly. An additional plus is there is little to no downtime thanks to a swappable battery.

69% Reduction

Fall Rate

39% Lower

Hospitalization  Rate

67% Increase

Ability to Age in Place

37% Improvement

Staff Response Time

If CarePredict detects a behavioral pattern that seems strange or out of norm – say more time spent in a specific room of the house – it will alert you, so that you can check on your loved one. This enables independence for aging seniors who don’t need constant monitoring but gives you the peace of mind that they are safe. Location tracking helps to ensure they are bathing, eating, and sleeping properly, which keeps them safe and strong.

And the best part? You can access all of this information from an easy-to-use app that provides you with historical data and insights that you can even share with their other caregivers or doctors. This technology is one of the best senior living care amenitites we offer in our Copley facilities.

CarePredict…Giving Our Residents Greater Independence and Families Peace of Mind!

Safe And Engaging

Copley Senior Living Home

Amenities For Everyone.

Because we understand the value of getting close to nature, we practice nature-inspired living that includes nature-inspired exercise and activities, grow towers for indoor gardening, live, nontoxic plants in every room, and bird feeders installed outside each bedroom window.

We have a private chef who creates delicious and nutritious homemade meals with menu option considerations for each resident. Residents also have access to an in-house hair salon and spa, so they can always look and feel their best.

Our chef even makes sure to incorporate each resident’s favorite meal into the weekly menu. Even the chairs here at Camella Living are high-quality, ComforTek to match mobility needs and provide ultimate comfort. For great food, a salon and spa, Copley’s best senior living home amenities are available at Camella Living!


Salon and Spa

We offer a fully accessible hair salon and spa at our Copley facility with a walk-in soaking tub.


Private Chef

Provides homemade meals from scratch every meal with menu option considerations for each resident. Daily nutrition packed homemade snack and dessert options (yes, desserts can be VERY healthy!) Each resident’s favorite meals will be incorporated into the menu weekly.


Home Grown Food - All Year Round

Summer: We have wheel chair accessible raised planters for all residents.

Winter: We will use large indoor grow towers once it becomes too cold to continue outside.


So Much More!

Explore the rest of our site, or reach out to our team for an extensive list of what we can do for your loved ones. The team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our senior living amenities and activities in Copley.


The healthy, safety, and wellbeing of our residents at Camella is our top priority. We offer a wide range of senior living home amenities at our Copley facility to keep every resident satisfied.


There is no bland and universal schedule for everyone. Our residents enjoy personally tailored senior living home activities and amenities in our Copley facility to match their interests and hobbies.

Understanding Memory Care

Nutritious meals and engaging activities are the best way to provide a safe, comfortable, and quality life.


We’ve installed a FDA-approved ventilation system to kill COVID-19 and reduce exposure. Surfaces are nonporous for complete disinfecting, and we have a temperature-scanning time clock for our care team so no one enters the premises without a temperature scan.