Purposeful And Active Senior Care

Assisted Living Activities

At Camella Living, we deeply understand the value of maintaining meaningful connections with others and the importance of engaging in activities that infuse a sense of purpose and belonging into daily life. We’ve carefully curated an assisted living environment that does exactly that—because we believe that activities which instill purpose empower our senior living residents to look forward to each new day with enthusiasm and optimism. That’s why our active assisted living community in Copley is complete with a state-of-the-art activity program, designed to be both accessible and stimulating.

Our wide range of healthy programs cater to a variety of interests and skill levels, from arts and crafts to fitness classes and musical engagements. These programs are not just activities; they are avenues for social interaction, cognitive stimulation, and emotional well-being. They also offer family members peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are engaged in fulfilling, purpose-driven experiences. At Camella Living, we’re not just providing care; we’re enriching lives, building community, and creating a home where every resident can thrive.

Familiar Roles

Assisted Living Activities For Everyone

Each resident in our active assisted living community in Copley is able to continue living out familiar roles, such as a cook, a musician, an artist, a preacher, an educator—whatever skills they are gifted with, whatever passions they hold dear, they are able to assume leadership roles within our community, with the safety of our supervision.

These roles serve as the bulk of their activities, with group socialization and entertainment activities scheduled daily to round out a fully enriched day. This way, residents complete each day with a sense of accomplishment and connection, not exhaustion.

Our goal is to not merely occupy, but rather to fully engage each resident in a more natural, family-style living experience, while highlighting the strengths of each resident and honoring their life experiences. This is why we place such a big emphasis on our assisted living activities at our Copley senior home, and the benefits it brings to our senior community, keeping them active.


Personalized Schedules

Rather than adhering to a rigid hour-by-hour schedule for every resident, we prioritize flexibility and personalization. Our program focuses on creating individualized activity plans that are derived from elements of the residents’ previous daily living experiences.

This customized approach ensures that each senior living resident continues to engage in activities that are not only familiar but also meaningful to them. By tailoring our plans to individual needs and preferences, we aim to enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of all our residents, making their time at our facility as fulfilling as possible.

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Residents Gardening


Raised garden beds for the summer provide an ideal setting for our assisted living residents to engage with nature, exercise their green thumbs, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

During the winter months, we offer personal grow towers, allowing residents to continue their horticultural activities indoors.

These year-round gardening options are not only enjoyable but also contribute to overall well-being and mental wellness, giving residents a fulfilling, season-spanning hobby.

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For our musically inclined residents, we offer both a piano and a guitar, as well as organized music classes as part of our comprehensive amenities. Music plays a significant role in our activities and therapeutic programs, serving as both an expressive outlet and a source of cognitive stimulation.

Whether you’re an accomplished musician or a beginner interested in learning, these classes and instruments offer the opportunity to engage with music in a meaningful way. Through these musical offerings, we aim to enhance both emotional and mental well-being, enriching the daily experiences of our residents.

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Much More!

Feel free to explore the rest of our website for a glimpse into the rich variety of services we offer, or directly reach out to our expert team for an extensive list of what we can provide for your loved ones.

From art workshops to music therapy sessions, our Copley assisted living facility offers a comprehensive range of fun events and activities tailored to individual interests and therapeutic needs. Each event is thoughtfully designed to engage residents and contribute to their overall well-being.

Your loved one’s happiness and comfort are our top priorities, and we’re committed to providing an enriching experience for everyone in our care